Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

We are Married!

Long time since a post... I know! We've been busy being married. So far we haven't killed each other. HA! Very much the opposite! Our time together has been wonderful. We are spending a lot of time preparing our home for guests that we intend to have soon. Hopefully we are past the half way point of unpacking, hanging pictures, finding a place for all our new terrific gifts. We were blessed so much from our family, friends and students! God provided more than we even imagined. Steven keeps telling me he's going to buy me a house for all the kitchen items because they just don't fit in our little apartment. I am completely okay with that. So we have started to pray and ask the Lord to provide a bigger place when we are ready for the responsibility.

Our honeymoon was unbelievable. Steven kept all of it except the city a secret. I didn't know anything about where we were staying until we were dropped off at the resort. I was so proud of my husband! He truly blessed me with a perfect week. We woke with the sun each morning coming up from the Atlantic. Our days days were spent soaking in the sun, jumping the waves, napping in our cabana on the beach, and our daily adventures.

We hope to have a video up to show you soon.
Thank you everyone that was able to come to our wedding celebration! Thank you for praying for us if you were far away that day! We were blessed and encouraged through your cards, emails and facebook wall posts! We love you!