Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Opening myself up for critique

What do you think about my critque of the 12 Steps of AA?

The twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are not all together biblical, but interestingly contain some truths that are biblical. Unlike the modern cultural understanding of addiction being a disease the Bible clearly defines any addiction as sin. The main problem with the disease model that AA encompasses is that the cause of addiction is medical, however, the cure in not medical. The cure is in a higher power, a moral solution. The addict is not held responsible for the cause, but is responsible for the cure.

The first two steps seem to promote a Power that can give help and hope because the addict alone cannot restore life back to a manageable state. However, this Power is limited in that sanity is all that can be given and nothing more. God, as described in the Bible, is a much greater than the power of AA. God can restore and redeem the addict from the addiction and from all sin of life. The first step of admitting is biblical in understanding our sin in light of a holy God. All people are powerless in the sin nature and are in need of salvation.

Interestingly the first three steps are to admit, believe and turn the will over to the care of god. Obviously the AA steps are not talking about the God of the Bible, but the pattern of salvation is strikingly similar to that of the twelve steps. The end of step three is not biblical in that God is not subjective, but absolute. God is not interpreted by each person, but is to be interpreted in light of Scripture and personal relationship with His children.

The moral inventory of step four could be compared with the searching of our own hearts for sin that separates us from God. The Bible commands believers to obey the commands given by God. Then step five contains a similar concept as the Bible, the concept of admitting the sin to God and to another person. Although not aligned with the Biblical model of confession, repentance and accountability because god is subjective and the addict is only seeking to serve themselves not to glorify God.

The sixth step digresses further away from Biblical truth in calling sin defects of character. The wrongs committed by the addict were accepted, but god will not remove anything because the god of AA is powerless, of no true forgiveness and no salvation. Sin is to be called what it is, sin, not wrongs or defects of character. Sin is a shortcoming, but AA does not clarify a shortcoming from what. What is the goal or standard that the addict has fallen short of?

The biblical teaching on forgiveness is similar to the outline of the AA steps. Step eight tells the addict to make amends with all persons harmed because of the addict. The intention is highlighted first; the willingness to make amends, followed by the actual deed of going to the person and making amends. This is followed by step nine that continues the ongoing of making amends, but does not get to the root problem. Step ten referrers back to step four and continues to assume that the addict knows what is right and what is wrong. Although there is no defined wrong in the steps AA assumes the addict will do wrong, but the wrong is subjective.

Both prayer and meditation are biblical disciplines and are included in step eleven. Unfortunately the step is not biblical because "God" is different to each person and the stated goal of mediation is to improve conscious contact with God and not to grow closer to him. The god of AA is limited and is sometimes helpful in overcoming addiction. The spiritual awakening is not God-given, but addict created. The problem with these steps is that they are not biblical and are only moral- one can never be good enough. God is more than a coping tool used to overcome addiction and He has given us life and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Go Tarheels!

Yeah, I know it was a sad weekend for the Carolina Tarheels... (they lost in over time to Maryland). Lets not forget a couple of weeks ago when they beat Dook! Steven is a closet Duke fan. If any of our Carolina students are reading this you should confront him about it! We took this picture before Carolina won and Steven wore my Carolina jacket.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I wanted to post, but I've just been to "busy".

So I'll just give you a link to another blog about being too "busy".
22 Words

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gus is back, All Right!

Gus, the car, is completely fixed from the wreck. The black hood really isn't noticeable.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Emma Jean's Bakery

Finally, I have officially started my own bakery! I have business cards and a blog. Hopefully soon I will have customers. There is one wedding cake on the calendar! So that's one customer. Please feel free to check out my blog where I display photos of my cakes and such. I take orders big and small. I really enjoy making cakes the most, but any baking is fun for me.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Things I have learned recently...

(These are most of the books I get to read between now and May)

I have been collecting a lot of new information in life over the past couple of weeks. Mostly because I started back to school. Here are 10 things I have learned:

1. According to one of my prof's interpretation, if you are a Christian in the south you have not sinned unless you have done one of the "big three" -> sex, drugs or alcohol.
I think there is a lot of truth to that.

2. According to the IMB there are 50 young (21-29 yrs old) missionaries in the hardest mission field in the world. 48 of them are girls and 2 are boys ( I chose to call them boys).

3. According to AA (Alcohol Annonymous) if you are an alcoholic you have a disease. In the same way that a person has a Hepatitis or Cancer. (I completely disagree.)

4. There is a "Christian" AA called Celebrate Recovery that was developed by Saddle Back Church (Rick Warren's church). It is not really Biblical.

5. No matter how good your marriage may be, there is a better one to come.
No matter how bad your marriage may be, there is a better one to come.
Want to be married, it is not the most important thing, there is a better one to come.

6. I hate when people say they are "too busy". A really bad excuse for not doing something. Think of a better excuse or stop being so busy.

7. Coupon clipping and tracking stores for deals takes a lot of time, but saves lots of money.

8. Church Disciple as outlined in Matt. 18 and 1 Cor. 5 is really good for a church to put into practice. However, practicing it is a lot of work.

9. Car insurance is the most ridiculous process I have experienced in a long time. We still don't have an answer and it's been two weeks ago.

10. Shots are expensive and some are painful. To go to the Amazon in a month I needed two shots, Hep A and Yellow Fever. We both needed Typhoid fever pills. These added up to $200! And my left arm still hurts!