Thursday, January 22, 2009

Picture Update

This was taken minutes before Gus got in a wreck.

Friends in Nashville!
More Friends.

Frustration, need prayer!

The snow on Tuesday was beautiful! The ice under the snow... not so much. Steven tried to call into work since the roads were unfit for driving, but his boss insisted he come in. Only a mile from our apartment he was following behind a big pick up truck. The truck began to slow and Steven applied the breaks only to find that his breaks were not stopping him b/c he was on ice. Thankfully he was already going slow, but not slow enough. Before he knew it he was under the bumper of the truck. He was going so slow he was not hurt, but not true for Gus the car. The whole hood bent and the head light is crushed.
The girl in the truck was fine and the truck had no marks or anything. So she left and Steven went on to work... frustrated that he was actually going to work.
Then, today (again on his way to work) his whole hood flew up and slammed against his windshield! SCARY!!! So now the windshield is cracked and crushed! He drove 5 mph to Lowe's and got a rope to tie it down. Tomorrow he will be spending the day at body shops and the insurance agency to see if it is even worth fixing since we were planning to sell the car in a few months!
Please pray for him! That he would not be overwhelmed with this frustrating situation.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This is our one hundredth post. Steven and I look back over all of our posts and considered how God has remained faithful. He is trustworthy and faithful!

This is a picture of Santarem Brazil where we will be going the second week of March. We are leading a team of 10 students from Duke and UNC on a mission trip along the Amazon River. We are working with missionaries there and the IMB to share the Gospel with unreached peoples. The river boats you see in the picture are similar to the one we will live and travel on down the river for a week. Please join us in prayer to God that He would use us to communicate the Good News of Christ and that people would trust in Christ for the first time.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's in a Name?

I was recently encouraged by a stranger to make business cards to promote my baking skills. Many friends know about my love of baking, and have encouraged me by eating my baked goods.
I have never really put myself out there to promote my baking as a business. Since this weekend and baking the last three days straight I am looking into making my baking more than a hobby. Perhaps more of a hobby that I can market to at least cover the cost.
The stranger told me about a website that gives business cards for free. After checking it out it seems to be a legit deal. So I am trying to figure out what I should name my bakery. I would like something original, but not too crazy. A business name communicates a lot about the business. I want it to be catchy and easy to remember. I would like a short name that fits me.
This is where you come in... I would like suggestions of names for my bakery. Leave a comment with a name you think would be fitting.

Clayton Christmas