Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spain- Madrid & Toledo

Happy on the long car ride.

That was the arc into the city.

Downtown Madrid

She got her fan!

Main Avenue

Paella at Nebraska the restaurant.

Pink Christmas Tree.

Giraffe and horse.

Retiro Park

Cool globe at the restaurant with cool music.
Spanish guitar player at Villa Rosa restaurant.

Santa Ana Square from inside the restaurant.
Fresh bread from a brown bag.

Almond crusted brie on fresh greens.

Spanish meatballs.

The department store all decorated.

Spanish Breakfast: eggs, bacon, bread, warm milk and coffee.
We drove over to Toledo for a night.
Entrance to the city.

Paella for lunch.

Driving in Toledo proved to be scary. We got stuck in this "street".


Synagogue sign
Keyhole to the city.

Best churros and chocolate was at the nun bakery.

So delish!

Sunday morning most restaurants didn't open until noon, but this hole-in-the-wall was way better anyways! Great family, interesting locals and food prepared the way you like it.

More churros and chocolate.
Tourist train ride around the city with earphones for the description.

Back home.

Driving the back roads.

Some city with a castle.

Back in Coimbra.

Entrance to Coimbra.