Saturday, September 25, 2010

11 Months!

Karis is 11 months old today! Her first birthday is only a month away!
You are invited to her first birthday party: Saturday October 23rd.

Another story...
We got another care package!!! This time from our faithful package mailer... My mom. Yummy Cheerios and cute Brazil t-shirt for Karis were only a couple of the goodies.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to Our Apt

Floors and painting are done. Glad to be home, but missing our house in the country. We really enjoyed our time with the Brazilian family. I never had to worry about getting my language practice. I have many stories to tell about the last few weeks. Lets start with this one:
Last Sunday Steven went to eat lunch with some friends and I took Karis back to the country house because she needed a nap. When I arrived I noticed something black on the garage door. As I drove in I realized it was bees. Hundreds of bees, maybe thousands... they looked more like a piece of fabric or a towel thrown over the gate. More of them arrived and so did the family we were living with. They called the firemen and 3 hours later they arrived to take care of the growing problem. The firemen burned the bees to kill them. All the bees were put into a garbage bag. It was quiet interesting. I have a video to prove it. So I learned a lot of new vocabulary.

More stories to come...

Today reached 100 degrees. Thankfully the late afternoon sun was behind a lot of clouds so it cooled off a little. Karis and I went to the park to take some pics. Here are a few of the pics.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Random Thoughts

Today is a "bridge holiday" so we are enjoying a day of rest. Tomorrow is Independence Day for Brasil so we will enjoy another day of rest before we move again. Sundays are never restful so Mondays are always tough. Praise the Lord for days of rest. It was a beautiful morning with a refreshing breeze here in the countryside. Karis and I danced, took pictures of the animals (it's almost like with live in a zoo), and ate breakfast while Steven slept in. This time in the country has been awesome. Perfectly timed with the holidays so that we can enjoy it to the full.

If I could remember all the details of the last couple weeks I would tell you about them, but it's probably better that I don't. Many details that made me want to throw my arms up and call it quits. As in "are you serious" "is this really happening"... looking back I see my anger and frustration as pride and selfishness. Daniel has helped me a lot this week. Daniel as in the book of the Bible- the one about the refusal to worship other Gods, interpreting dreams, and the writing on the wall. Good stuff.

Yesterday we spent the day with a lovely family in a town about an hour from here. Joel is one of our professors at school. He has been with us since the beginning and we really consider him a dear friend. For a while we have been wanting to meet his family and spend more time with him and his fiance. Our plan was to stay over for a couple days during the holiday, but with our situation of illness and moving around we thought it best to only go for the day. Last night at Joel's church Steven was able to share his testimony and preach.

A storm is a brewing! It hasn't rained here in so long! I pray it rains for a long time.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Does life have a Fast Forward button?

Hello day 4 of sickness. Whew. I have so much to write about... not sure I'm liking it. A lot of writing material equals really good OR really bad. There has been good! Praise the Lord! However, the bad is bad because I feel it from head to toe.
Tonight a neighbor of the family we are living with (living- because 2 weeks ago our apt. tile floor busted like we had experienced an earthquake so we had to completely move out for 2-3 weeks), their neighbor is a Dr. and she came over tonight. She took one look and me and ran home to fetch some meds. I pray the meds kick in really soon because I want sleep for the next 24 hours (until I can take the next dose).
Our dear friends have been so kind and helpful! Love that they are so laid back. We are a good ways outside the city. The breeze here is wonderful. And they have a yard.

If anyone knows about tonsil removal please let me know if you recommend.
Please pray for healing!