Sunday, October 31, 2010

Long Weekend

Normally when I hear long weekend I think, "great! more time to do fun stuff". So we planned a trip to visit friends in a nearby city. However, my immune system decided, once again, to let me down. So instead of a fun trip I'm sitting on the couch blowing my nose. I have only left the house once since Thursday.

On to more encouraging words... We received not one, not two, but THREE packages in the mail last week. Wow! Feel the love! Yes, they were all for Karis. She really has enjoyed all of her new toys over the past 3 days (since we haven't left the house). Thank you for showing your love in a very tangible way! It really is wonderful to know you haven't forgot us here.

Here today was the presidential election and Brazil elected the first woman president. Who just happens to have never held an elected office. Many of the educated people are astonished because of her lack of experience and "unpatriotic" history. The fact that her opponent was the "obviously" better choice since he has served in multiple federal positions and as the governor of Sao Paulo. Well, I've said too much. Read more for yourself here.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Karis

The big event was the party on Saturday. So yesterday we enjoyed just being together. Karis slept in and I (emily) skipped the first two classes of school. For breakfast we had cheerios together. We then walked (well, I walked and push Karis in the stroller) to school and Karis swung in the hammock while I learned.

After lunch she was so tired so she took a 3 hour nap! Then, we continued our day with a trip to the best ice cream shop in town. Karis indulged in her first ice cream cone. Too bad it was melting faster than she could eat it. Thankfully there was a sink nearby. Then, it was off to the park to visit the ducks.
After sweating so much we needed a bath and then we headed to get Karis' present from Grandpa and Grandma Clayon.

It was a fun filled day. We love her so much!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthday Party Video

Check out the party video here

Made by Tia Rebecca.
Thank you!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Week

The preparations have begun! I have a whole new respect for moms now. We planned a simple party with a few friends that is now grown into a huge event. Guess that's what happens when your daughter is the most friendly, loving, beautiful, curious, and wonderful little girl in the world.
Yes, I am up late... waiting for the cake in a bowl to cool. It only took 2 hours to bake! After a small slip up in my awesome attention to detail, I gave a quick cake emergency call to Molly (who, I'll have you know, did not know the answer). Leave it to me to stump the expert.
I have plenty of things to do, but I need to have a break from studying verbs and doing crafty things.
On a frustrating note: Our external hard drive is still not working. We have the click of death apparently. Thankfully we made a cd of pictures for my mom before we left the states. Too bad the only way for us to get them asap was through the internet. Shout out to my mom and all the PC users! You all have a lot of patience. Not me! Mac has changed my whole understanding of pictures and videos. Soooo easy and fast. Thank you Mac Book Pro.
Now time to research the best way to freeze a cake.

How do you like the pictures?? I'm trying to see all the similarities. Do you see any?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thanks for the help!

Google reader here I come!
Thanks for all the responses!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blog Reading

Bloglines, the tool I use to keep up with all the blogs I read, is closing down Nov. 1. I really need a way to know when someone updates their blog. Do you know of any? Please let me know!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Receiving Handwritten Letters

I can tell you exactly how many handwritten letters I have mailed since I moved to Brazil... two. My goal is to write more because until yesterday I had forgotten how wonderful it is to receive a note that someone wrote.

Yesterday we received a total of 14 personal letters! Yes, all at one time! It was so encouraging! Along with the notes we also received lots of gifts. Steven got books (his fav. thing), I got a book, ranch, and a magnetic picture frame (with a great pic inside), and K got a great new sippy cup and snack holders! We seriously needed these things and were looking to get some for her b'day. They are so expensive here!

We went out for pizza last night at our fav. place. The place just happens to be owned by the family that we lived with. We read all the letters together and just when we finished our Brazilian family arrived and the kids sat down and ate with us! So it was a really fun night!

Thank you beloved friends at FBC!

Julie- tell Lara that Karis thought of her this morning while we were at the park b/c we saw two mommy ducks. one mommy had 11 babies and the other had 8 or 9 (hard to count).

Sunday, October 3, 2010

34 months, 11 months and 7 months= reason to celebrate

Steven and I have been married for 34 months.
Karis was born 11 months ago.
We have lived in Brazil 7 months.

So we took a family pic.
The other day Karis wore her overalls that her cousin gave her. Still holding on to the couch... walking is coming soon.