Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tree Time

Christmas tree decorating can be fun! Since I only have around 50 ornaments decorating the whole tree, lights and all only takes one hour. I watched Annie and had my Christmas cookie candle burning while doing the tree. This is a special tree to me because it used to belong to my G-Mom. She gave it to me when I had my own place. Now I get to pull it out of its box each year and think about how much I love her. I am also reminded of the times before that I pulled it out of its box. The first year I was living in Nashville with Molly. The second year it did not get opened because I was in process of moving to North Carolina. The third year I was at the Battle House where I took pictures of all my girls in BCM in front of the tree. Also it stayed up way past New Years because I was visiting Alabama and Nashville my whole break from school. This was also a significant time of taking down the tree because Steven came over to the Battle House for the first time to help me take it down. The fourth year (last year) it was put up way early because Steven and I were getting married on the 1st and wouldn't be back from our honeymoon until the 7th. We decorated it together at our first place a week before our wedding. The fifth year is 2008! Yay!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

let it snow

The only morning I was glad to wake up at 7am for class all semester! It was the last day of class. I open the blinds like I do every morning and gasp because this is what I saw. Steven jumped out of bed and came running to see what was wrong. Then, i made him come outside (not appropriately dressed) to take this picture of me and Gus.
In class that morning my prof thanked God for the white snow because it reminded him of the purity of Christ!

I also came across a good website that I would like to share:
See what you think.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Steven 11/12/81

Today Steven turned 27!
27 reasons why I love him: (in no particular order except for #1)
1. He loves Jesus
2. He rubs my back
3. He pops my back
4. He plays mancala with me
5. He like good music
6. He does the dishes
7. He works really hard
8. He pays for me to go to school
9. He proof reads my papers
10. He encourages me to work out
11. He prays for me
12. He has a great library
13. He is a great cook
14. He loves to travel
15. He loves to tell people about the Gospel
16. He rubs my feet
17. He loves me just as I am
18. He is organized
19. He serves me with joy
20. He is a planner
21. He is genuine
22. He loves the beach
23. He reads the Bible to me
24. He is driven
25. He seeks out wisdom
26. He desires discipleship
27 He is my best friend

Thursday, November 6, 2008


This is Dr. Al Mohler. He is pretty much one of the biggest blessings to the Church today. Emily and I went and heard him preach at Chapel at Southeastern. If you read his blog at or listen to his radio program you will know he is a really busy guy who gets hardly any sleep. For example, his blog is updated daily around let's say...2:04 AM, 4:36 AM, 2:56 AM. Times when normal people sleep. So in regards to his unusual talents, he can also read 5 books a week. He is pretty much an information vaccum.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall Fun

One of the first things I enjoy doing after moving to a new place is finding a good park to hike. Every couple of weeks I crave an afternoon in the woods. Saturday when I was there the tress were beautiful! I had a moment of excitement and a moment of sadness. Excited because God is sustaining the world evident by the changing color of the leaves, but sad because I don't know the next time I will get to see the vibrant colors during the fall. This time next year I will be living in Brasil where it is the same season year round. Don't get me wrong I LOVE summer, but I am always reminded of the creator when the brisk air, clear skies, and colorful leaves come. In this midst of all the change happening around me I know that God will never change. He is the keeper of promises!