Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seems as if the rain is slowing.

The weather is a great superficial subject to talk about. It's comfortable and easy. When I sat down to write this blog and the whole week since I wrote last, many subjects have run through my head. Most of which I will never blog about. Moving on...

So it's official we know where we're moving next. Huge praise because we are certain this is where the Lord is leading us for the next 2 years. If you want to know the city and more specifics just ask. Our goal is to leave here within the next 3 weeks. We're excited about working with a couple whom we admire and have a lot of wisdom. Also we're super excited to be working with some wonderful national brothers and sisters.
Currently we are learning about the specific neighborhoods that we have been advised to live in or around.

Two more things:
One, I've been looking back at 2010 and ahead at 2011 these past few weeks. The hardships of 2010 are behind me and concurred. The biggest one being the fear of learning a language. After the first 6 months of struggling each day and being extremely tired I actually enjoyed learning. To top it off I actually achieved the language level to "graduate" language school in 9 1/2 months. Only by the grace of God, because I wanted to quit so many times.

2011- I am trying a new Bible reading plan for this year. The one I tried to do last year did not work. Obviously I know I was the problem. However, I am much more excited about this layout and think I can actually complete this one. Lord give me daily desire!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crib Advice Needed

First, I failed at my attempt to stay awake last night... I made it until 2am- a little into the 3rd quarter. It was exciting this morning to watch the highlights.
War Eagle!

We are finally needing to purchase a crib for our "baby" aka toddler. Our lives are so crazy... Karis is almost 15 months old and we've never owned a crib.
All the stores here carry the models that the side drops down, but it makes me nervous to purchase one of those. Is this a valid concern? I think companies in the USA can't even produce these?

Also what about the convertible style? Is this a good idea? What if God gives us another baby and Karis is already sleeping in the crib that's been converted into a bed? Is it cost effective? Or could we purchase a crib and little girl bed for the same or cheaper than a convertible?

Thanks in advance for advice!

Monday, January 10, 2011

An Attempt to stay up WAY past my bedtime.

box of goodies
ready for the game
War Eagle!
Auburn University's (American) football team is playing the Oregon Ducks. The game is being played in Arizona and starts at 11:30pm my time.
Since I'm an alumni I really want to watch the game! Oh man, it's so late though... I drank some coffee earlier, but I think I'm going to need more to make it through the whole game.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas and New Years

Since we are so far away from our family in the southeast we knew we wanted to celebrate with our family here. Christmas eve we drove to the big city to spend 8 nights with our dear friends. The big city life is fun and exciting especially when most people who normally live there are gone to the beach. So we kinda had the city to ourselves. Except for New Years Eve when 2 million people came out to ring in the new year on Avenida Paulista. Thankfully we were not there, but with some fellow brothers and sisters. We were having so much fun we didn't even know it was midnight until we heard the sound of millions of fireworks. So cool to see the vastness of skyscrapers being lit up by beautiful flashes of colors.