Sunday, February 27, 2011


We made it! One year in Brazil!
It has not been easy. It has not been without struggle.
This past year so much has changed. We are not the same family that left the USA 366 days ago.
Most important God has made us a little more like Him.
Hard to sum the past year up b/c we have experienced so many different events and emotions.
We have met so many wonderful people. So much of our time was spent frustrated b/c we couldn't say exactly what we wanted. Days went by when I thought, how will I ever be able to not be stressed out when someone asks me a question. I want to understand people and I want them to understand me. But still people were our friends! Amazing! They had so much patience with us.
I still get angry when I find a new recipe that sounds so yummy and when I read the ingredients I realize we don't have about 5 of them. (Side note: There is campbell's soup here for only $5 for one can, ha.)
Anyways, I have to end with this... Most days I love Brazil! But there are days that I wonder what my life would be like in the US.
I look forward to this next year! Making our home here finally, sharing the Gospel, and having friends and family visit are just a few goals.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Life at the Mansion

Technically it's not a mansion, but it feels like one to us. Especially since K can play outside while I'm cleaning the kitchen. Our friends are kindly letting us live in their home while they're visiting family. We are up to our eyeballs in apartment hunting. Finally, today we have a hopeful prospect.
We also purchased K a crib today! I can't wait to put her in it. Her very own bed. Perhaps soon she'll also have a room. The same room at least for a couple years.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Diggin for Gold

Only b/c it's cute right now am I posting these. One day soon it will not be cute.

Friday, February 4, 2011