Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Christmas time!

I really like the month of December in Brazil. Unlike the USA in so many ways, but most importantly the silly fluff of everything that surrounds Christmas that isn't about Jesus. Here in Brazil the weather is warming up and the days are getting longer. We are sweating, swimming and staying up late. The Christmas decorations are up around town and churches are singing specials songs. Yes, Papai Noel is around, but he is not worshiped and adored. Jesus is worshiped and adored. Well, at the least he is celebrated as the whole reason for Christmas.
Happy Birthday Jesus!

Update on the little ones: They are playing together much better these days. After being frustrated with the amount of toys spread throughout our not-so-big apartment we started a new toy rotation. We are on week three and we are all much happier. They get a "new" box of toys each week and mommy doesn't have to repeatedly trip over toys everywhere.
Karis finished up her first year of preschool last week! She was ready for a break, but mommy misses school. She is still independent and full of energy. She is so funny lately. She calls girl friends, ladies, and even Lydia "my girl" and "minha filha" (my daughter: what I call her and Lydia a lot in Portuguese).

Lydia is bursting with personality. She loves wearing necklaces and hates hair bows.  She enjoys following Karis around. She is saying night-night, bye bye, au au (the sound a dog makes in Portuguese), hey, and mama. Even the tias in the nursery at church noticed her mad dancing and clapping skills.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Photo Update

Birthday Party

Marathon Runner - 26.6 miles

Oct. 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Family Beach Trip Photo

It was windy.

Makeup by Mommy

Makeup by Karis

Lydia has a second Mommy (Mommy number one appreciates the help)
Look at that early morning face!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Birthday Season

In our family we don't just celebrate birthdays when they come around throughout the year. No, we have a season of birthdays because all four of us celebrate within 47 days of each other. The girls are only one day apart. Then, 17 days after is Steven and finally me a month later. Not to mention Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) mashed in there.

Lydia will be one! She is my chilled out child. She took her first steps last week and is up to 8 steps now. I saw her stand up from sitting, make a concentration face and take 4 steps yesterday. When she caught me watching she sat down. Most mornings Karis wakes her up to steal her paci at around 7. So she is typically ready for a nap at 10. She cries when Karis goes to school. She enjoys playing with the toys alone though. Probably because Karis rips them out of her hand. She likes stroller rides and being outside. She is rebelling against being fed and only wants finger food. She really likes oatmeal cream pies and yogurt. Recently she enjoys sitting at the kid table and coloring (hitting the crayons on the paper/table). She climbs up on the chair by herself, but can't get down. She hates hair bows and laying still to have her diaper changed. She likes reading books and loves to dance when she hears music.

Karis will be three tomorrow! She is my independent child. She is fluent in both languages. She is always on the go and does not like to take naps, but she still needs them daily. She likes going to school, play group and church, "my church" as she calls it.
One morning Steven was making toast and asked if I wanted some. I said yes and he said, "this piece has your name on it". She ran into the kitchen and said, "I want to see mommy's name on the toast."
Lately she is always asking what direction certain places are while we are in our apartment. We point and say how far away it is. She likes seeing the mountains out the windows of the car. She enjoys water color, crayons, and reading. She got a bike for her b'day while we were in the US, but she isn't too thrilled with it. She likes watching Dora the Explorer and "Do a Deer".  She is thrilled to have a party and invite her friends.

I don't know yet if this whole double birthday is healthy for a momma. Watching both girls turn another year older at the same time has me overboard on the sentiments. You might refer to me as emotionally overwhelmed. I'm thinking a beach trip is in order. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Vacation Part 6

The Jenkins'
The Carpenter's- our terrific host family!

Mr. Bill (Not pictured: Kevin taking the pictures and tons of more friends we were blessed to spend time with, but forgot to take pictures.)

The Vacation Part 5

Trip to Georgia! Grandma Duke

Grandpa Duke

That's right... I was the only one wearing purple. I didn't have an Auburn shirt.

It was so hot (as Brien's shirt shows). Gross. Somehow Hannah escaped being photographed.

New BBF Max.
Grandma Gillum

Uncle Chris

Tia Melissa
Sweet sweet baby Abigail. Who should be going home soon! Praise the Lord!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Vacation Part 4

Deep thoughts in the rocking chair.

Peach Park horse.

Loved the baby swings

Copy cat photo. Although Karis wore this at 1yr 1month. Lydia is only 9 months old here.

Tia Molly came to play!

Aunt Laura's boat. Captain Blaine pulled in here for a quick pit stop "to avoid the rain".

Cool toy!
Cousin Lauren came to see us.

Aunt Sammy likes stickers too.

Tia Tiffany always takes good care of the girls.

The Vacation Part 3

Steps of Samford Hall

War Eagle!

My first place! 4min walk to class!

Uncle Scott being silly.

Best friends!

Best friends!

Our personal resort for the day. I could have stayed for a week.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Vacation Part 2

Taking baths together

Way bigger than what she's used to.

I need to find the pictures of me on the train when I was a little girl. GG has a train and a waterfall at her house.
Under the falls.

Four generations.